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Patches: Bugfix/Interface: qt_posix, itemcat, dynkey, qwertz, nethack_rand, paranoid_quit | Gameplay: nloot, ranger_ammo
Spoilers: wish, ascension statistics
Utilities: recmerge, gabuse
NetHack Binary: Windows+Jukka's Patches
Misc: sunhalle, my .nethackrc, NetHack links

The patches don't brake bones/save compatibility. Look at the filename suffix for NetHack version number. If the patch is very fresh, it may contain some nasty bugs. If something's very broken, you may have better luck with an older version. Please also note that some patches change Guidebook.txt. While this is meant to be helpful to Windows users reading it on their PCs, you will need to recreate it from if for some reason you need a correct layout.

Bugfixes & Interface Improvements

Qt: POSIX-compliant directory listing

qt_posix-343.diff [3K, 2003/12/13]

This patch makes part of the Qt code more POSIX-compliant by eliminating calls to the BSD scandir() function (src/files.c).

Version 0.2 added qsorting of player names (replicating old behaviour).

Additional Item Categories
Thanks to M. Drew Streib, Pasi Kallinen and Keiran for suggestions, Justin Flude for the SLASH'EM version.

itemcat-343.diff [25K, 2005/04/26]

itemcat-007e6f3.diff [25K, 2004/12/20] — for SLASH'EM

This patch adds one or more additional item categories (choose at compile time) for selection in drop/put_in/take_out menus:

Define ITEMCAT and ITEMCAT_JP in config.h to enable the patch.

Jukka Lahtinen's Patches + Version 5.2 available here.

Version 5.2, Jun 13, 2004 inverse selection - cosmetic stuff, 'A' interaction

Version 5.1, Jun 11, 2004 Adds inverse selection.

Version 5.0, Jun 11, 2004 Adds a new category and refines the 'I' category. Look at the top of the diff.

Dynamic Key Bindings

dynkey-343.diff [8K, 2004/12/02]

Enable DYNKEY in config.h and add lines like MAP=z y and SWAP=C-d q to your configuration file. (See <brvgn8$c1a$00$> for more info.)

Version 0.2 modify do_name.c:getpos() to work with DYNKEY

qwertz Layout Support
Thanks to Justin Flude for the SLASH'EM version.

qwertz-343.diff [9K, 2003/12/18]

qwertz-007e6f3.diff [9K, 2004/12/20] — for SLASH'EM

This patch adds option qwertz_layout which can be set to swap the y and z keys. Define QWERTZ in config.h to enable the option.

RNG Patch

Is not needed for Linux anymore. Use the old 3.4.1 one, if you use lrand48().


With this patch NetHack requires you to answer with 'yes' on important questions like quitting, entering explore mode, and leaving wizard mode bones. Download it at Jukka Lahtinen's page.

Patches Altering Gameplay

Nested Looting Patch

nloot-343.diff [13K, 2003/12/16]

With this patch, if you apply or #loot a container an additional option, a - Apply something from the <container>, is given, which lets you apply any lootable objects (which includes unidentified bags of tricks) from inside the container. If there is only one lootable object, the option changes to a - Apply the <object> inside, saving you another keystroke.

Please read the comments before installing!

Ranger Ammo Patch

ranger_ammo-343.diff [6K, 2004/02/22]

Version 0.2 corrected merging bug

Makes rangers of level 10+ identify all arrows and crossbow bolts automatically. YANI: Wes Irby.


NetHack Wishing Spoiler

Formats: HTML plain text PDF LaTeX source old text

gabuse-out.txt [1.1K, 2003/11/10]

Wonder what class to try? Have a look at the YA(F)AP statistics (output of gabuse)


recmerge [0.3K, 2003/10/10]

Bash script for merging record files

gabuse [3K, 2003/11/10]

r.g.r.n. YA(F)AP statistics, requires non-antediluvian bash and nc (netcat)

Windows Binary [2035K, 2004/01/21]

Graphical and tty versions of NetHack for Windows with Jukka's patch collection (now also with qwertz, dynkey, and autopickup_exceptions). Some useful defaults and comments can be found in defaults.nh. (Compiled with MinGW.)


sunhalle-343.diff [5K, 2004/12/02]

Sunhalle patch for Makefile.src,, and config.h with Qt enabled, LD_LIBRAY_PATH-independence. Instructions inside the diff (you'll need to apply qt_posix as well).

nethackrc.txt [1.7K, 2004/03/06]

My config file for NetHack + Jukka's Patches + dynkey.


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